Another Annual Pass Sells Out. What Is Going On?

We’ve got news on another annual pass selling out and some holiday vacation tidbits you should know.

Another Annual Pass Sells Out

Walt Disney World fans are still livid over the sellouts of three out of four annual passes at the parks.

Currently, the only people who can buy annual passes are Floridians willing to accept the lowest tier, the Pixie Dust Pass.

On social media, fans are calling Disney Scrooge-like for stopping annual pass sales just as the holiday gift-giving season kicks into high gear.

Now, Disneyland has suffered another setback. The Believe Key has sold out its allotment.

This had previously happened with the Dream Key roughly a month ago. So, Disneyland fans find themselves without the opportunity to purchase the best two annual passes.

Meanwhile, at Walt Disney World, fans cannot buy any of the top three annual pass plans. And I’m sure this all makes sense to somebody somewhere.

For longtime DVC members and Disney fans in general, it’s the latest source of frustration in what’s become an aggravating year.

Disney executives worry about Park Pass availability as they strive to increase revenue per guest. Of course, that’s one of the most critical metrics.

When Disney limits the number of annual passes, guests must pay for standard admission more. So, there’s where we’re at for now.

Fans spent the body of the year venting about the lack of annual passes sales. Since they’ve returned, Disneyland fans have complained about a lack of Park Pass availability.

Then, Walt Disney World suddenly canceled all annual passes available to non-Floridians. And now the top two options at Disneyland are off the table as well.

Before Thanksgiving, I mentioned that the annual pass hotline (407-939-7277) is accepting complaints. Users have had mixed results with pleading their cases.

If you’re negatively impacted by the sellouts, you can try your luck with Disneyland’s version as well. That number is (714) 781-7277.

Quick Lightning Lane Update

Are you visiting Walt Disney World this holiday season? If so, you should be aware of some behavior during Thanksgiving week.

The availability crunch reared its head in another way. Lightning Lane sold out extremely early on several dates.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Obviously, this statement primarily applies to the most popular attractions like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

However, some other Lightning Lane options like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Frozen Ever After also experienced sellouts on some days this week.

Also, this statement applies to the Disney Genie+ version of Lightning Lane as well. Rides like Test Track and Jungle Cruise sold out their allotments early in the day.

Now, Thanksgiving week is up there with July 4th in terms of the most crowded weeks at the park.

So, I would expect this behavior to curtail over the next few days. But, as you know, there’s usually a lull until mid-December.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Once Christmas Week nears, you should plan for this behavior, though. If you’re using Disney Genie+ or buying Lightning Lane, prioritize the most popular rides!

Otherwise, you’ll snooze and lose. Seriously, some of this stuff was gone within 90 minutes of park opening. It’ll only get worse during the final week of 2021 when the parks are approaching capacity.

Other Park Updates

Disney officials didn’t announce all the big news during the main event at Destination D23. Instead, they saved some stuff for other presentations.

We learned a great deal more about exciting projects like Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser and the Disney Wish. Also, we got some new park tidbits.

For starters, Magic Kingdom will host the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade in 2022. Disney has promised it’ll feature the most characters of any cavalcade to date.

According to the official site, you’ll find all these characters:

  • Nick and Judy from Zootopia
  • Baloo and King Louie from The Jungle Book
  • José Carioca and Panchito from The Three Caballeros
  • Miguel from Coco
  • Merida from Brave
  • Moana from Moana
  • The Incredibles

Not to be outdone, Disney California Adventure (DCA) has already introduced a holiday cavalcade that you’ll love.

Mickey’s Happy Holidays Cavalcade, which debuted in 2019, has returned for another year. You can watch the highlights here:

DCA has also revealed a Hawkeye show and character interaction just after Hawkeye just debuted on Disney+.

Its superheroes, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, fight villains in a holiday-themed action scene. Here’s some video:

Yes, that’s the Tracksuit Mafia that Hawkeye is smacking around with giant presents! The holiday music really puts this one over the top for me.

Finally, if you’re still shopping around for D23 Gold membership deals, today’s your lucky day.

The Gold Duo plan is 50 percent off here with the code D23MOSTMAGICAL.

Since a couple of people asked last time, this deal’s probably only available for Americans. However, it doesn’t hurt to try. I’d give you the discount if I could, I swear!

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