Disney Cruise Lines Reveals the Adventure

In 2025, Disney Cruise Line will add a seventh vessel to its fleet. Now, we know the theming you’ll find onboard the largest ship in the DCL inventory, and it’ll be like a theme park at sea. Let’s talk about what you’ll find onboard the Disney Adventure. 

Disney Cruise Line Reveals the Adventure 

During the pandemic, Disney Cruise Line (DCL) officials developed a close working relationship with the staff of MEYER WERFT shipyard. This business arrangement had previously existed, as DCL had commissioned two new vessels before the world shut down. 

However, the relationship intensified in 2020 and 2021 since the parties needed one another during a challenging circumstance. Disney unexpectedly benefited from this connection when a different buyer couldn’t pay their bill. Disney learned of the situation, bought the unfinished cruise ship for pennies on the dollar, and commissioned MEYER WERFT to complete it. 

Now, fans of DCL will also benefit from this turn of events. First, the Disney Treasure will set sail later this year. Then, in 2025, the Disney Adventure will embark on its maiden voyage.

The Adventure will be Disney’s mightiest ship to date, hosting 50 percent more passengers than the Treasure. We’re talking about one of the largest cruise ships ever built, one that Disney purchased for €40 Million (about $43 million in US dollars). The previous owner had invested more than $1 billion (!) on its construction before filing for bankruptcy. So, this is one of Disney’s best deals ever. 

In terms of scale, the Treasure is either 135,000 or 144,000 gross tons, depending on which source you believe. MEYER WERFT, which also built the Treasure (and the Disney Wish), states 135,000. Meanwhile, the Disney Adventure is 208,000 gross tons. So, yeah, it’s a lot bigger.

What can Disney do with that space? The Adventure will host 6,000 passengers per cruise, as opposed to the 4,000 allowed on the Wish and the Treasure. Obviously, Disney will have substantially more space to utilize, which allows for more onboard activities than ever. 

What You’ll Find on the Disney Adventure 

Disney is marketing the Adventure as a theme park at sea. At least, that’s the core concept, with the vessel featuring something akin to theme park neighborhoods. 

On Instagram, Disney revealed “Captain Mickey’s Enchanted Map,” which shows seven different themed lands on the ship. If that sounds familiar, it should. That’s the concept of all Disney theme parks. 

As you explore the ship, you’ll enter these new themed areas, each of which pays tribute to beloved Disney brands. Here are the seven locations on the Disney Adventure.

  • Disney Discovery Reef – Finding Nemo and More
  • Disney Imagination Garden – Disney Characters
  • Marvel Landing – Marvel Characters 
  • San Fransokyo Street – Big Hero 6
  • Town Square – Disney Royalty
  • Toy Story Place – Toy Story 
  • Wayfinder Bay – Moana

Beside each entry, I listed the associated land, some of which are obvious. A couple of others are open to interpretation. For example, Disney Imagination  Garden’s graphic displays a scroll reading Once Upon a Time. So, it sounds like Fantasyland. 

Disney’s press release describes this section as “an enchanted valley, charming garden, and open-air performance venue all in one. Inspired by 100 years of heroic and heartwarming Disney adventures—from Moana on the high seas to Mowgli in the jungle.” 

Meanwhile, Town Square may sound like Main Street, U.S.A., but it’s closer in spirit to Princess Fairytale Hall. According to Disney, this section will “exude the enchanting feeling of summer in full bloom with nods to “Tangled,” “Cinderella,” “Frozen,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “The Princess and the Frog,” and more.”

Why You’ll Love Each Area

This announcement brings so much happiness that picking a favorite is challenging. For instance, Disney Discovery Reef pays tribute to four different beloved franchises. In addition to the two I mentioned, it’ll also include Luca and Lilo & Stitch. So, it’s fitting that Disney made this press release on 6/26. 

Disney promises that guests at Wayfinder Bay will hang out where “the sky meets the sea” to an open-air oasis under the sun, where relaxation and exclusive entertainment await.” Conversely, San Fransokyo Street will “be a family entertainment area pulsing with the energy and atmosphere of a vibrant street market and boasting an assortment of interactive games and activities, shops, cinemas and more.”

One of the most popular destinations will be Marvel Landing. Disney says to expect “a celebration of Marvel’s larger-than-life personalities. (This) area will offer Avengers-level adventure, with all-new attractions and experiences that showcase imaginative representations of guests’ favorite Super Heroes.” From now on, every day will be Marvel at Sea!

Finally, Toy Story Place will be “a whimsical, interactive play land with themed food venues and water play areas, where the world of Pixar’s “Toy Story” movies and shorts springs to life in surprising and inventive ways.”

So, you can already identify the vision for the Disney Adventure. It’s a hub of Disney branded content at sea.

What You Should Know about the Adventure 

You should know something essential about this ship. The Adventure’s home port will be in Singapore, Asia’s wealthiest country. That’s by design as Disney attempts to expand its global empire to meet customer demand. Currently, CEO Bob Iger believes that Disney only meets ten percent of that demand. 

The Disney Adventure will try to satisfy more customers in the region, but it’s still available to everyone. In fact, I suspect it’ll become like Tokyo DisneySea in that the hype for this ship will turn it into a destination vacation for many Americans. 

Importantly, this sort of trip will be easier to set up than you may realize. As a reminder, I just wrote about the basics of Disney Cruise Line. One of the essential facts is that you can swap DVC Points for DCL cruises. Our swap program allows you to swap your points to expand your vacation options!

So, a Disney cruise departing from Singapore should be on your bucket list now! And with your DVC Points, you can make it happen sooner than you might have expected!


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