Disney Updates for June 28, 2021

You may want to visit Walt Disney World this November. I’ll explain why in today’s theme park update.

We’ll also talk about the Stretching room, upcoming fireworks changes, and new park availability that could impact your upcoming 2021 trip.

Destination D-23 This November!

Coronavirus threw Disney officials for a curve, forcing the delay of the biennial D-23 Expo in Anaheim, which won’t happen until 2022.

Well, the pandemic ended almost anticlimactically, allowing Disney to develop a backup plan. So, Walt Disney World will host a D-23 event this year!

On November 19th, Disney’s Contemporary Resort will host Destination D-23, a three-day event for Disney superfans!

Disney had initially planned this event for 2020, but…2020. There had been no indications that it would occur this year until recently.

The sudden reversal of fortune with vaccines has allowed Walt Disney World to host this event after all. Tickets will go on sale in July, and you should strongly consider going.

The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival will still be open on those first two days, while Walt Disney World’s 50th-anniversary celebration will also be underway. Speaking of which…

New Park Presentations This October

Disney just revealed last week that nighttime presentations will return to the parks. At the time, I indicated that Happily Ever After would run throughout the year.

I…spoke too soon. Magic Kingdom’s management team has other plans, as a new nighttime show will open on October 1st.

Disney Enchantment

Called Disney Enchantment, this performance will run throughout the 18-month Walt Disney World birthday party. And it’s not the only new addition.

Before I discuss those, I should mention that Disney Enchantment will utilize state-of-the-art digital projection to do something we’ve never seen at Magic Kingdom before.

Main Street, U.S.A. will become part of the proceedings, as projections will go from Cinderella Castle down the path for this part of the park.

That’s a stunning technological breakthrough that has caused some to wonder whether about the future of Happily Ever After.

Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

At a minimum, we won’t watch this show again until 2023. So, you have from July through September 30th to catch it!

Harmonious and EPCOT Forever

As expected, Harmonious will debut on October 1st as well. So, the same statement applies to EPCOT Forever. If you’re a fan of that presentation, it’s almost certainly done in three months. Go now!

Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

Other New 50th Anniversary Shows

Magic Kingdom also confirmed a new birthday event called Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade. Yes, that’ll include Mickey and Minnie Mouse wearing their EARidescent outfits while riding a parade float.

Disney characters like Chip, Dale, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck will join them for this Cavalcade, which will run several times daily.

Of course, the most exciting reveal comes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. With Rivers of Light off the table, nobody expected any type of show here.

The park isn’t getting another nighttime presentation, but it will host Disney KiteTails, a character-based kite-flying show. Like the Cavalcade, it’ll operate several times daily.

Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

I honestly cannot do the description of this one justice. Imagine the most gorgeous kites and windcatchers you’ve ever seen. Now, picture them soaring over Discovery River. It’s gonna be breathtaking.

Disney Park Updates

We’ve got several more pandemic-related rollbacks to discuss, most of which will put a song in your heart.

The pre-shows have returned to two staples of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Yes, you can watch Aerosmith plan their concert at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith again!

Tower of Terror

Then, you can walk over to Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, where Rod Serling sets the stage for the haunted elevator you’re about to enter.

Sidenote: Scarlett Johansson just announced that she’ll produce a Tower of Terror movie for Disney. So, this ride’s not going anywhere!

Haunted Mansion

The most significant update comes at Magic Kingdom, where the Stretching Room has thankfully returned to Haunted Mansion. So, you can listen to the Ghost Host’s sordid tale again!

Cast members are just as happy as you, as their jobs have returned to normal. They can even take pictures of you using your smartphone again!

More importantly, cast members no longer need to wear masks at Walt Disney World, even if their jobs are indoors!

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

If you notice a cast member wearing a mask, it’s their personal choice, as Disney has dropped the official requirement now that many of its employees have gotten vaccinated.

Disney Trip Updates

I’ve also got two updates for your next visit. For starters, if you’re returning to Walt Disney World this year, you won’t get a Magical Express letter in the mail.

Disney has discontinued that service, presuming that you can look up the information on My Disney Experience anyway.

On the plus side, Disney has quietly increased attendance again, which comes with an added benefit for you!

Disney After Hours Boo Bash once again shows availability for several dates that had previously sold out! Act now while operators are standing by!

By the way, the same statement applies to Park Passes. Disney has increased availability that way, too. Supplies are limited, though.

If something wasn’t available previously, you should assume it’s close to selling out and book quickly! Good luck!


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