DVC Resorts with the Best Logistics

Let’s admit the truth. Nobody likes riding the buses at Disney theme parks. They’re mercurial at best and infuriating at worst.

You simply cannot count on the buses in a do-or-die situation. Of course, that’s a problem now that you’re paying for Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane reservations.

So, you should start getting ahead of the game by staying at the ideal resorts. Of course, I’m talking about the ones that will help you avoid the buses.

Here are the DVC resorts with the best logistics. You should pick these hotels if you’re not a fan of the buses.

Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

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Let’s start with the obvious one. When you visit Walt Disney World, you’ll spend a disproportionate amount of time at Magic Kingdom.

After all, this theme park claims the most attendance of any in the world…and has done so for several consecutive years.

For this reason, you’ll naturally gravitate to the three monorail resorts or possibly Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, which runs boats to and from the park.

The thing about the monorail resorts is that they make several stops on the way to the park.

Don’t get me wrong. I love these places and stay at two of the monorail resorts more than anywhere else.

Still, nothing beats walking. And Bay Lake Tower requires a shorter walk to Magic Kingdom than any other hotel…including Disney’s Contemporary Resort!

When you plan to spend most of your time at Magic Kingdom, you cannot do any better than Bay Lake Tower, at least in terms of logistics.

Disney’s Beach Club Villas

Disney's Beach Club

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Now, let’s take the same argument and apply it to EPCOT. After all, I’m the person constantly arguing that EPCOT’s the best theme park on the planet.

So, I should be incentivized to stay close to here often…and I do! I also feel strongly about my choice here.

Disney’s Beach Club Villas reside only a few hundred steps away from the International Gateway, the back entrance to EPCOT’s World Showcase.

I’ve never measured, but some of the DVC rooms at Beach Club seem closer to the EPCOT security check than to Stormalong Bay. The theme park entrance is that close!

Now, some would argue the same of Disney’s BoardWalk Villas, which are admittedly almost as close. We’re talking about maybe 100 extra steps to the park.

So, if you’d rather spend fewer points, that’s a phenomenal option as well.

Personally, I love the twofer of International Gateway AND Stormalong Bay access.

Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Okay, remember what I just said about the monorail resorts? Here’s the other one where we stay a lot. In fact, it’s my favorite of all Disney hotels.

The logistics here aren’t quite as good as Bay Lake Tower offers, at least not for Magic Kingdom.

However, you may feel the same way as me and prioritize EPCOT just as much as Magic Kingdom.

If so, you’ll love the Polynesian’s location, especially its DVC rooms. Many of them, especially in the Pago Pago building, are only a short walk from the Transportation and Ticket Center.

That location includes direct monorail rides to and from EPCOT. Plus, you can head to Magic Kingdom from here as well.

You can feasibly leave your room and be standing in line for the next EPCOT/Magic Kingdom monorail in less than ten minutes!

Disney’s Riviera Resort

Riviera dvc resort hotel at Disney World, surrounded by palm trees and clear blue skies

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

I cheated a bit and studiously avoided another part of the Beach Club discussion. I saved it for now.

Yes, I’m referencing the Disney Skyliner, the newest form of Disney transportation at Walt Disney World.

Those same rooms at Beach Club will also place you a short walk from the new gondolas.

Still, when you think Disney Skyliner, you naturally associate it with Disney’s Riviera Resort. It’s that hotel’s bread and butter.

You can ride straight to EPCOT or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, thanks to the gondolas.

The latter park is a bigger deal these days than just a few years ago.

Notably, the gondola ride to Hollywood Studios from the Riviera is nearly six minutes shorter than the Beach Club one.

So, let’s be realistic. Beach Club features better overall logistics, but Riviera’s location is really, really good, too, especially for Star Wars fans.

The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

All the hotels I’ve mentioned thus far will keep you off the buses at Walt Disney World.

Buses aren’t a concern at Disneyland Resort, but I still need to mention the Grand Californian.

I mean, when we talk logistics, no Disney hotel in the United States can match the Grand Californian.

When you exit the hotel lobby and go out the front door, you can turn and walk straight to the side entrance at Disney California Adventure. Nothing beats that.

Fans of Radiator Springs will enjoy the ultimate in theme park access when you book at the Grand Californian!


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