DVC 2022 Annual Dues and Membership Card Changes

DVC just provided details about expected annual dues for 2022.

Also, the company just changed its policy on membership cards. I’ll explain what you need to know in today’s DVC update.

DVC Suggested Annual Dues for 2022

I recently discussed that DVC would finalize annual dues during the 2021 Condo Association Meeting next month.

However, Disney often publishes the suggested maintenance fees early, and that’s what just happened. So we now have the list.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Please remember that these numbers aren’t final. Here are the proposed annual dues for 2022:

Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas – $8.6739, up 3.83%

Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort – $7.0826, up 2.65%

Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – $8.1469, up 0.50%

Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – $7.6020, up 0.15%

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – $8.2365, up 2.02%

Disney’s Beach Club Villas – $7.5362, up 1.32%

Disney’s BoardWalk Villas – $8.0802, up 3.43%

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort – $10.0707, up 0.98%

Disney’s Old Key West Resort – $8.8063, up 5.37%

Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows – $7.3859, up 4.70%

Disney’s Riviera Resort – $8.3840, change approaches zero

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa – $7.3287, up 3.06%

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort — $11.9405, up 6.32%

The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa – $7.4824, up 7.00%

The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa – $7.0077, up 2.87%

Explaining the Numbers

In looking at this data, here’s what you need to know.

Let’s say that you own 100 points at Beach Club. Your upcoming annual dues would be $753.62. That’s 100 points multiplied by $7.3562.

Similarly, if you own 215 points at Old Key West, your 2022 annual dues are $1,893.35.

Some rounding issues come into play here. So, the cost could vary by a few cents, even more if something unexpected happens at the annual conference.

At the Riviera, the rate technically increased, but it’s by a fractional amount. So if you pay more, it probably won’t even amount to a dollar.

Photo Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

Overall, annual dues didn’t increase much this year due to Disney’s property tax victory.

As a reminder, Disney successfully sued to reduce property taxes at several DVC resorts.

Simultaneously, a new tax appraiser won the election in Orange County. This individual doesn’t seem as bloodthirsty about overbilling Disney.

Conversely, Disney is in the business of increasing prices at the cost of living, if not more.

So, we had competing factors in play here that most canceled out each other.

When 11 out of 15 DVC resorts raise annual dues by four percent or less, we’re all pretty happy as members.

A Change to DVC Membership Cards

Do you own a DVC membership card? If so, you should be aware of some changes coming to the program.

In 2016, DVC introduced physical membership cards, little hard-plastic cards akin to credit cards.

When members tried to use the various amenities available to qualifying program participants, cast members would verify with these cards.

The whole thing felt a bit ridiculous, as we were already phasing out physical cards at the time.

Now, more than five years later, Disney has finally gotten the hint. As a result, DVC will discontinue physical membership cards on December 31st.

Starting in 2022, DVC will store your information digitally. So, a cast member can look up your DVC status to verify whether you qualify for an amenity.

You’ll also possess the ability to access this new digital membership card online.

Once you visit Disney Vacation Club, you’ll find this information under My DVC => View My Membership Card.

Disney has ulterior motives for changing the DVC membership card program.

Some people had sold their memberships but kept their cards. Since cast members didn’t verify anything digitally, the physical card provided access to amenities.

Now, the digital cards will expire monthly. So, when (former) members sell their contracts, their card updates quickly to indicate the status change.

Yes, the new system comes down to fraud prevention more than anything else.

Still, qualifying members will appreciate the updated format. You won’t have to dig around your backpack, wallet, or purse to find your membership card.

Also, at least theoretically, Disney will start to automatically factor in your membership discounts at restaurants and shops.

You should still keep an eye on them for the time being, though…

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  • TomC
    November 11, 2021

    I have added my Disney Experience card to my iPhone Wallet and had never tapped the “three-dots circle” at the upper left to find every that is there, including my ID, a barcode equivalent of it, and for Affiliation it noted “ANNUAL, DVC” for my annual pass status and DVC membership status! Showing this was sufficient in multiple locations.

  • Pat
    November 10, 2021

    They should be able to verify annual passholder by your band for discounts too but still want to see your card.

  • Logan
    November 10, 2021

    So good to hear about the digital membership cards! Was tired of having to bring that and my ID when going to buy something.

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