The Best DVC Resort Studios

Grand Floridian Mary Poppins Fountain

Disney Vacation Club members love the program because of the depth of options. You can buy as few or as many DVC Points as you like. Then, you can book a Disney trip that matches your vacation needs.

For many DVC members, we either lack the points for DVC Villas or don’t want to spend so many of them on a single trip. Instead, we prioritize Deluxe Studios because they provide so much value while requiring only a modest number of points. Here are the best DVC Studios in the program.

Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

I’ll start with my oddest choice here. Yes, I readily admit that the Deluxe Studios at Bay Lake Tower fall on the small side.

These rooms cover only 339 square feet of space, which isn’t ideal for me as a taller man. Still, I never feel claustrophobic at Bay Lake Tower today. I’ll admit this was an issue during my first stay, but that was long ago.

Bay Lake Tower Studio Villa

Now, I admire the stunning efficiency of the room design. When you enter, you can’t help but notice the compartmentalized rooms. A bathroom resides parallel to the kitchenette area. 

Here, you can make coffee in the morning or dress. A sink and mirror serve a purpose here in allowing multiple people to get ready simultaneously. Thoughtful touches like that make the modest space feel bigger. 

Other DVC Studios may include more space. I would argue that Bay Lake Tower uses its square footage better than anywhere else, though.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Still, size matters in the hotel industry. An additional 51 square feet of space may not sound like much, but you’ll appreciate it when you have it.

Disney designed Old Key West during a different era when the program competed directly with timeshares. So, the Studio here comes with 390 square feet, and you’ll notice the extra elbow room.

Old Key West Studios represent the inverse of Bay Lake Tower. You enter the room at Old Key West, and you’re standing in front of a mattress. 

This aspect requires a bit of adjustment. After a day or two, all you’ll notice is the lovely sitting area and the exterior patio. Old Key West is a beachy resort, and its Studios come with a warming sun-kissed glow. 

Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

Everyone has a favorite, and this one is mine. As a mountain man, I like to stretch out. There’s no place in the DVC library where you can do that better than at the Polynesian.

The Studios here cover 465 square feet of space. Even better, Disney has subdivided the room in clever ways. You’ll find two different dressing areas. 

Photo Courtesy of WDWNT

One is a full bathroom, while the other is a rainfall shower beside a large sink and storage area. This section includes an oversized mirror as well. 

My favorite part doesn’t come until the main section, though. Disney has added a unique pullout sleeper here. It looks like an entertainment center until you pull the handle. 

Then, the furniture reveals its true nature as a sleeper with delightful Lilo & Stitch artwork. Remarkably, a different pulldown bed also displays Lilo & Stitch artwork. Disney knows what sells!

Finally, I recognize such décor isn’t for everyone. Still, I’m a Polynesian superfan and adore all the tiki art on display. 

Disney’s Riviera Resort 

As you can tell, DVC has recently returned to the old ways. After years of smaller, more efficient Studios, Disney’s recent offerings have celebrated personal space.

At the Riviera, Deluxe Studios are massive, with 423 square feet of usable space. For comedic effect, you should visit a Tower Studio first. Then, you’ll fully appreciate the size discrepancy and extra movement.

Still, the extra space represents only a small part of the big picture in a Riviera Studio. Disney has upped the ante for DVC hotel room elegance.

You’ll notice the luxury the moment you enter the room, presuming you glance up and see the overhead light fixture. The bathroom tiles are another indicator of opulence. 

The hotel’s theming celebrates exotic European vacations, and this Studio does as well. Even the artwork here is more refined than anything else you’ll witness in a DVC Studio. 

The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

I haven’t experienced love at first sight often in my life, but I did the first time I entered one of this resort’s new Resort Studios. Disney fans expect a lot from the Grand Floridian. I can assure you that this Studio meets and exceeds those expectations.

You’ll first notice the glossy sheen when you open the door and see a combination dresser/entertainment center. For once, Disney has centered an HDTV with an accompanying piece of furniture. 

On one side of the entrance, a dressing area with a bench allows people to prepare in the morning, while the bathroom across from it is one of the largest in the DVC Studio library. 

Two people can get dressed as another showers or uses the facilities. Disney needs more utility like this in its room designs. Also, that showerhead and detachable shower wand prove ideal when you need rejuvenation after a hectic park day. I’ve got a bad back and can attest that the shower wand is magic!

While you’re in the room, you should look for the theming. Subtle signs of Mary Poppins abound. You won’t notice them unless you search, though. Disney’s recent minimalist style shines through in this Studio. 

I realize that everyone has favorites. Still, I vastly prefer the Resort Studio to the Deluxe Studio at the Grand Floridian

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