Which DVC Resort Studios Sleep Five People?

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The Disney Vacation Club offers rooms that can fit the needs of virtually any traveling party. You’ll find Tower Studios that comfortably sleep one or two, just as you can book 12 people in a Grand Villa. 

DVC operates under the assumption that “one size fits one,” a hospitality industry philosophy emphasizing the importance of a multitude of options for customers. One of the finest examples of this belief involves DVC Studios.

Most DVC Studios will allow a maximum of four guests. However, Disney understands that traveling parties vary in size. You may prefer a Studio with more space and beds than a Villa capable of hosting more guests. So, here are the DVC resorts with Studios that sleep five.

Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Typically, when DVC members ask me to list a preference between the two properties at Wilderness Lodge, I struggle. For the most part, these two resorts share the same features and amenities I prioritize when booking.

However, here’s a use case for picking Boulder Ridge Villas. The original DVC Studios at the resort can sleep up to five guests. Disney designed these 356-square-foot rooms with a queen bed, a double-sized sleeper sofa, and a pulldown bed. 

Copper Creek Cabins & Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge only offers Studios that sleep four. That’s true of the One-Bedroom Villas as well. So, those of you considering staying at Wilderness Lodge or buying here should pick Boulder Ridge Villas if your traveling party includes five people. 

Disney’s Beach Club Villas

Some of Disney’s recent room refurbishments have included a new feature. In such rooms, a part of the furnishings hides a secondary purpose. 

At Beach Club, an entertainment console under the HDTV looks like a work desk. Once you take a closer look, you’ll realize that it’s a dropdown bed. 

In fact, kids will delight in this feature, as the dropdown reveals an adorable picture of Donald Duck lounging on a beach! It’s an excellent example of when form marries function, too.

This dropdown boosts the number of guests who can stay in a Beach Club Studio. The 356-square-foot room sleeps five now, which wasn’t always the case. In fact, the change is only a few years old. Now, you can use a queen bed, a double-sized sleeper sofa, and the dropdown. 

Disney’s BoardWalk Villas

You’re probably noticing a sameness to some of these designs. That’s accidental rather than intentional, but many of the DVC Studios that sleep five shares similar square footage.

In the case of the BoardWalk, a Studio covers 359 square feet. It also includes a queen bed, a double-sized sleeper sofa, and a dropdown. Again, you’ll find the dropdown under the HDTV. This time, it’s a picture of Dumbo snoozing contentedly. 

Something I’ll point out is that this new room update has caused a bit of an oddity. In multiple instances, DVC Studios at resorts sleep five, while One-Bedroom Villas only sleep four. Beach Club and BoardWalk are two of them. 

This statement comes with two caveats, though. The first is that Disney allows a fifth guest when you book with DVC Points rather than paying with cash. That extra guest won’t get linens, though. Also – and this statement applies everywhere – Disney doesn’t count children under the age of three in any circumstance. They’re independent of the “sleeps four/sleeps five” discussion.  

Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

Here’s one of the primary exceptions to the sameness conversation. The Polynesian hosts some of the largest Studios in the DVC library.

These massive rooms come with 447 square feet of space. Not coincidentally, guests can sleep five here. You’ve likely heard about the dropdown, which shows a picture of Lilo & Stitch at a hammock. That’s the kind of bedding a child will adore. 

To a larger point, the Polynesian comes with two different dressing areas. One is in the full-sized bathroom, while the other is a counter beside a rainfall shower. So, when you’re traveling with multiple adults – or even teenagers – in your party, the Studios at this resort are arguably the best option on this list. 

Disney’s Riviera Resort

Walt Disney World’s newest resort also features larger Studios. The Riviera Resort studio rooms include 423 square feet of space and share the same design tactic as others here.

You’ll find one queen bed, one in-wall double-sized sleeper sofa, and a dropdown bed. You’ll find a lovely nighttime image of Pascal beside the dropdown, while the in-wall sleeper sofa reveals a 101 Dalmatians painting.

The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Obviously, the Grand Floridian Studios come in two forms now. There’s the Deluxe Studio and the Resort Studio. Thankfully, both of them sleep five, so you won’t need to be overly strategic when booking here.

The Deluxe Studio comes standard with a queen bed, a queen-size sleeper sofa, and a dropdown. Meanwhile, the Resort Studio includes two queen beds and a pulldown. 

When you’re traveling with a party of five, you may care more about space, though. Presuming that’s the case, the Deluxe Studio is smaller at 374 square feet as opposed to the Resort Studio at around 440 square feet.

So, as you can see, DVC members enjoy plenty of options when traveling in a party of five. You don’t need to book a Villa to ensure that your party has plenty of space and a comfortable bed. That’s part of the beauty of the DVC program!

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