Best Economical DVC Resorts to Purchase: Spring 2022

At DVC Resale Market, we like to keep an economic Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Resort ranking maintained for our clients.  We started this ranking in the Fall of 2014, and this blog represents our 16th in the series: Fall 2014Spring 2015Fall 2015Spring 2016Fall 2016Spring 2017Fall 2017Spring 2018, Fall 2018Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021 and Fall 2021.

DVC Resort Economical Rankings: Spring 2022

The chart below provides a long-term economic ranking of each Disney Vacation Club resorts. The long-term value takes into consideration the resale price at a point in time (this report uses April 2022), annual dues, and the years remaining on the deed to ultimately get to an estimated price per point per year. This ranking may provide directional information in choosing a resort to own, especially for those members or potential new members who are less concerned about Home Resort priority and more focused on economic savings.

ResortAvg. Cost Per Pt.Years LeftCost Per Pt. Per Year from Price2022 DuesTotal Cost Per Pt. Per YearRank: Spring 2022Rank: Fall 2021Rank Change
Polynesian $17043$3.95$7.39$11.3412 +1
Grand Floridian$17841$4.34$7.01$11.3524 +2
Copper Creek$16945$3.76$7.60$11.3631 -2
Riviera***$14747$3.13$8.38$11.5146 +2
Saratoga Springs$13631$4.39$7.33$11.7253  -2
Bay Lake Tower$17237$4.65$7.08$11.7365  -1
Aulani*$12639$3.23$8.67$11.9077  —
Animal Kingdom$14134$4.15$8.24$12.3988  —
Old Key West (Extended)$13334$3.91$8.81$12.7299  —
Boulder Ridge$12219$6.42$8.15$14.571010 —
Hilton Head$9419$4.95$10.07$15.021111 —
Old Key West$12519$6.58$8.81$15.391215 +3
Grand Californian$29937$8.08$7.48$15.561313 —
Vero Beach**$7519$3.95$11.94$15.891414 —
Boardwalk$15319$8.05$8.08$16.131512 -3
Beach Club$18119$9.53$7.54$17.071616 —
* Avg. cost per point based on DVC Resale Average Sales Prices for April 2022
*Aulani contracts that originated pre-July 6, 2011 have 2022 annual dues of $6.52/point
**Vero contracts that originated pre-January 1, 1996 have 2022 annual dues of $9.41/point
*** Points purchase via resale at the Riviera Resort can only be used for stays at the Riviera Resort or within the Interval International network


Additionally, this yearly cost per point metric from the chart above can be used to help determine what a DVC Member theoretically pays for a Disney Vacation Club Villa. For example, let’s say you purchased a Polynesian contract and were going to stay at the Polynesian in a deluxe lake view studio for one night on a weekday during the fall season. The number of points needed for that one night would be 22, and the estimated cost per point per year according to the chart above would be $11.34. So multiply the number of points needed by the cost per point and the result is 22 x $11.34 or $250/night. The retail price of this room in the fall season is typically in excess of $600/night.

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